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Top 10 Richest Churches In Nigeria (2022)


Christians all over the world are known for their religious beliefs, the idea of starting a church are to pull followers to God, also to raise God’s own army. The spirituality of every Christians shouldn’t be base on Religion, in Nigeria we have more practice of divers churches with different doctrines.

The establishment of different churches in Nigeria today has shifted the main aim of pulling people to God, has stated in the holy book. These as diverted many from receiving the salvation which are ment to be free and monetizing the work force.

Many churches are able to maintain the large congregation with the population they gather. We have been able to list out top 10 richest churches in Nigeria.


The Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church remains the richest amongst all churches, the church is headed by Pope at Vatican. Financially the church has the highest net worth of all churches, her members within Nigeria are about 30 million members and being one of the oldest church in the world at large.

The church is also known for her charitable donations for the less privilege, moreso, her members donates for the welfare of the church. The church has many dioceses and archdioceses all around Nigeria, also headed by Bishops and supported by Priest, who over see’s the welfare of it all. It’s worth $150 billion within Nigeria.


The Anglican Church of Nigeria

These Church is one of the oldest and 1st of it kind in the history of churches in Nigeria, it was established by the British colonial masters, seconded by being the mother of churches in the country. Her members across Nigeria is estimated 12 million people.

Originally the church was headed by the British, not after they separated themselves from England due to their conflicting doctrines in believe. The Nigeria Anglican Church doctrines are against same sex marriage (gay/lesbianism) and even appointing female Bishop.


Being among the richest churches in Nigeria, it’s has a charitable package for the needy, it’s members also do well to support the church to grow financially

The Redeemed Christian Church Of God (RCCG)

The Redeem Christian Church was founded in 1952 by Mr Akindayomi. It is the 3rd richest churche in Nigeria, moreso, among the most populated Pentecostal church with members of about 7 million across the country.


Pastor, Enoch Adejare Adebaye is currently the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, though he isn’t the founder, the man who found the church is known as Mr Akindayomi in 1952. Pastor E.A Adeboye received the mantle and later became the General overseer of the RCCG.

The church is said to be the largest and populated Pentecostal church, the wealth of the church is from it’s charitable donations, including the income coming from the University, the church has a university, ”The Redeemer University” including secondary Schools across Nigeria, they really have many source revenue. It’s has branches scattered across the world at large.

The living Faith Church World Wide

Living Faith Church also known as Winners chapel is one of the richest Pentecostal church in Nigeria, the 4th on the list, the church remains the biggest and populated amongst others. Winners chapel was founded by Bishop, David Oyedepo, being the richest pastor and having a net worth of about $170 million.

The headquarter is located in Ota, Ogun State Nigeria, the church has a full time university known as covenant university including other assets.

Deeper Life

On the list of the richest churches in Nigeria, the 5th is the Deeper Life ministry, Deeper Life Bible Church was founded 1973 by, Pastor Williams Folorunsho Kumuyi in Nigeria.

He had the calling doing the work of God, through him God has reached out to many souls, the church headquarter is located at gbagada Lagos State, the auditorium with cost about #5 billon housing about 2 million people every Sunday, deeper life is one of the richest churches in Nigeria.

Mountain Of Fire And Miracle Ministry (MFM)

MFM was founded in 1989, by Dr Daniel Kolawole Olukoya, the ministry started as a prayer ministry in his house, then he extended it by acquiring a place close to the university of Lagos, the church started growing from there, know it’s now one of the biggest congregation in Nigeria and the world at large.

MFM has more than a thousand branches all over Nigeria, it’s source of income, it generates her income from charitable donations, moreso, MFM has a registered football club in Nigeria and a standard university, the ”Mountain Top University” aside the church it’s has many other source of revenue. In Nigeria today MFM is list among the richest churches in the country.

Christ Embassy

The Christ Embassy was founded in 1987, by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, who is amongst the richest pastors in the country, the church is located in Lagos State, Christ Embassy is also known as ‘Loveworld’ being in list of the richest churches, it’s also has many branches all over the country and outside the country, known as an international church.

The church as millions of members within Nigeria and beyond the country, is side to be among the biggest congregation of worshipers all over the glob, Christ Embassy sponsor a monthly prayer guide free for all ”Rhapsody of Realities”.

The Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN)

The Synagogue Church Of All Nation was founded by T.b Joshua, it’s remain in list of richest churches across Africa, the headquarter is located still in Lagos State. SCOAN is the biggest and large in it’s Sunday service, having more than 20,000 members, in a service.

The SCOAN is a place known to teach the word of God, the population increase Nation wide, the man of God was a philanthropist, He support the needy help the orphans, he was really a good man, doing the practical work of Jesus on Earth.

SCOAN is also known as a tourist center, the magnificent building and structure the founder place is number one in town, the man of God performed healing and miracle to those that believe, SCOAN is among the richest churches in Nigeria and Nation wide.

The founder of the SCOAN died July 2022, few days to He’s birthday, He lived a fullfil life on Earth.

The Lord’s Choosen Charismatic Revival Ministry

The Lord’s Choosen Charismatic Revival was founded by Pastor Lazarus Muoka who happens to be the general overseer of the movement, the church has it branches all over the world, it among the Pentecostal churches, it is still located in Lagos State.

The church is known for the powerful miracle and signs and wonder performed by the man of God, Lord’s Choosen is listed among the richest churches in Nigeria.

House On The Rock

The church was founded by Pastor Paul Adefarasin, the church is side to be one of the multi national churches within Africa, having a population of about 20,000 worshipers.

The church also perform a yearly musical program that connects people across the globe. It is listed, being among the richest churches, the exact networth is not listed here, it still remains in the list of richest churches in Nigeria.


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