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How To Calculate UNICAL Aggregate Score For Admission (2021/2023)


How To Calculate UNICAL Aggregate Score For Admission: Searching for How to calculate UNICAL Aggregate Score for 2021 admission? See UNICAL Aggregate Score/Cut Off Marks here and how to calculate it.

In this article, I will elucidate briefly on how you can determine your admission chances into UNICAL by Calculate your Aggregate Score.


University Of Calabar (UNICAL)

Before I proceed further, I will like to bring to your notice that UNICAL JAMB cut off mark is 160. This means that before you will be qualified to take UNICAL post UTME form, you must have scored a minimum of 160 and above in your JAMB examination.


How To Calculate UNICAL Aggregate Score For 2021/2023 Admission

Ever since the introduction of the JAMB CAPS system of admission, all schools have deviated a means by which they can sum up candidate’s JAMB scores with other results and use in admission processes.

It is pertinent to note that UNICAL specifically does not make use of Olevel results in calculating the aggregate score. Hence, it’s done in a ratio of 50:50 using the JAMB and Post UTME score.


in light of what is above, the JAMB score carries 50% and the Post UTME score also carries 50%.

UNICAL only cares that you have a minimum of 6 credits with mathematics, English, and one social science subject being compulsory. Although this won’t affect your Aggregate Score.


See the steps to calculate UNICAL cut off mark aggregate score below:

  1. Divide your JAMB score (out of 400) by 8
  2. Divide your Post UTME score (out of 100) by 2
  3. Add up the results in 1 and 2 below
  4. That is your aggregate score



For example

If you score 320 in JAMB and 76 in Post UTME, your aggregate score is:

  1. 320/8 = 40
  2. 76/2 = 38
  3. Total Aggregate Score = 40 + 38 = 78

That is all for now on how to calculate UNICAL Aggregate Score For admission in 2021. You should follow the above steps assiduously to be able to determine your admission in UNICAL.

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