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Biden suffers major legal loss: DOJ ordered to release all records of key White House officials

Biden suffers major legal loss: Justice Department ordered to release all records of key White House officials. For years, right-wing leaders have accused the White House and big tech companies of censoring conservative views. Media companies in the world, like Meta and Twitter. Now, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt is pursuing a lawsuit against the Biden administration for alleged coordination with social media. And Schmitt’s team just scored a respectable win.


The court hearing the case ruled that the Biden administrator must turn over all records of key officials. These records include all communications between big tech conglomerates and elected officials. The major names in the lawsuit are Dr. Anthony Fauci and current White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. It’s a notable victory because it means the government must cooperate with the lawsuit and provide proof of communication.

These recordings may contain information from the “Coordination” mentioned above. Schmitt tweeted: U.S. District Judge Terry A. Doughty said in his ruling that the plaintiffs “restricted the right to external communications from Karine Jean Pierre and Dr. [Anthony] Fauci have.”


“As a result, you are ordering that you both “provide responses to Plaintiff’s interviews and document requests within twenty-one (21) days of the date of this order. In addition, Judge Doughty ordered the Biden administration to release all records of HHS’s assistant assistant secretary for public engagement, as well as other senior officials in Washington.


Overall, Schmitt claims the Justice Department identified 45 federal officials who contacted
social media companies about “misinformation.” Social media companies in question include Meta, Twitter, and YouTube. Missouri AG concluded by stating that Americans “deserve to see the truth,” although many conservatives already believe they know the truth: that they have been silenced for years.

We’ve seen countless allegations of censored content, banned accounts, and some posts removed entirely, with no explanation given by the company. And that content seems to invariably contain conservative views. Big Tech has come under intense scrutiny for some time as right-wing citizens constantly feel persecuted simply for speaking their minds. And if the Biden administration really helped with this coordinated suppression of certain beliefs, that’s a serious problem. And AG Schmitt and many others demand answers.


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