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GOP Senator Delivers Brutal Truth To Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Regarding Upcoming Midterms

Senator Rick Scott, a Republican from Florida, took the opportunity to outline what he thinks is in store for Democrats in the upcoming November midterm elections. I only needed one word and it will make liberals tremble. Bloodbath That’s right, dear Democrats: The coming red wave is the proverbial blood of your party’s ideology, as it is being slaughtered by the will of the American people, fed up with the policies of a clueless government that has battered, broken, and left them helpless.


The ballot box will be the battlefield where your socialist utopias will die a well-deserved death. According to The Daily Wire, Scott believes inflation will be the key issue in the midterms. “This hurts a lot of people in my state, so I think this year is going to be a bloodbath for Democrats,” the senator said. “This isn’t about the 24th, it’s about the 22nd,” he continued.

“It will be about three issues: inflation, my kids getting a good education, do they live in a safe community, and the Democrats are on the wrong side of these issues.”


The Republican senator, who currently serves as a member of the Republican Senate Committee of the National Assembly further said in an interview with Fox News that Republicans should take control of the Senate. “We’re going to have a great year,” he continued, predicting that Republicans could get a total of
out of six Senate seats this November.

“When presenter Shannon Bream quoted a recent MSNBC comment claiming the GOP had no plan to fight inflation, Scott pointed out that he had published a plan online at Scott lays out a 12-point plan,” the Daily Wire reported. Here are the parts of the plan via Daily Wire:


1. Education
2. Color Blind Equality
3. Safety and Crime
4. Immigration
5. Economy / Growth
6. Government Reform & Debt
7. Fair, Fraud-Free Elections
8. Family
9. Gender, Life, Science

10. Religious Freedom / Big Tech


11. America First

12. Tax cut

“We have to balance the budget. This is due to reckless spending,” Scott said. “Every suggestion the Democrats have is spending their money, spend more money. We need to cut taxes, cut fees, downsize the state. We need to become energy independent, not go to Saudi Arabia and beg for fuel, go to Texas and ask them to get more fuel. .Repair supply chain. The Biden administration is a group of people who do nothing, they only do blame.

The senator then proclaimed a truth we have all known and preached for years. Congress must stop the overspending. It’s sad that common sense isn’t common anymore, but that’s the problem. Damage we have suffered as a country we must stop the ridiculous and reckless spending. He went on to talk about how lawmakers in Congress have spent trillions of dollars during the COVID pandemic that many economists have claimed sparked the current
surge we’re witnessing. with inflation. “It’s too high. Stop spending money,” he said matter-of-factly.


5 Replies to “GOP Senator Delivers Brutal Truth To Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Regarding Upcoming Midterms

  1. Schumer listen to this:::::::YOU WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS IN AMERICA!! VP HE NEEDS JAIL!!

    1. Yes.for treason,among other dispicable dealings, lies,etc.. shame on him and pelosi. And obiden and his so called wifey. She only cared about the title of first Lady. She didnt, and dont still, care at all about her husband Joe. If she did , she wouldnt have ever allowed him to be made a spectable of and put in a office he so clearly cant do. He dont even know who he is or where he is or if his diaper has or needs changed. What a disgraceful woman she is. And the same insane shameful entire demonratic party. For placing biden in as president to kill America. He has done a dam good bang up job if trying to kill America. Forsure. I see a red wave a comin. Trump train. Jump on and lets let Mr president Trump maga . Make America Great Again. Without piglosi and demonrats .

  2. The entire U.S. government is being run by traitors from the Secret Service to the U.S. marshals and everything in between including our woke military …… Major dereliction of duty ….. Hang them all just like we shouted in 1776 to King George ………

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