Biden to Take Cognitive Test
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Biden to Take Cognitive Test After Intense Pressure from More than 50 Republicans

Biden to Take Cognitive Test After Intense Pressure from More than 50 Republicans. In response to Democrat concerns about the president’s age, more than fifty Republicans have demanded that Vice President Biden take a cognitive test.


With opponents and even some supporters of the president questioning his fitness for office at the age of 79, more than 50 Republicans in the House of Representatives on Wednesday called for a cognitive test of Vice President Joe Biden.

The letter was sent to President Biden and organized by Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas and received the signatures of 54 Republicans. an increase of 13 co-signers on an identical letter addressed to Jackson in June 2021 and 37 co-signers on a similar note to this one in February.


Key members of the Republican leadership of the House of Representatives, such as Republican Studies Committee Chair Jim Banks (R-Ind), Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-N.), and Republican Conference Vice President Mike Johnson (R-La.) also signed the recent letter. cognitive test as soon as possible.

The letter states, “We believe that all presidents, regardless of gender, age, or political party, should follow former President Trump’s example in documenting and demonstrating strong mental abilities.” Former President Trump’s example should be followed to document and demonstrate strong mental abilities.


The letter said, “While you have largely dismissed these allegations as partisan political attacks, the left-leaning New York Times has just published an article documenting all of this in great detail.” Appearances are a significant factor in the increased attention his mental health has received.

But it seems this is a game we cannot win. If the evidence shows Joe isn’t where he says he is, then we have Kamala Harris. If you can tell they’re both crazy, then we have Nancy Pelosi. It’s a lose-lose-lose scenario.


2 Replies to “Biden to Take Cognitive Test After Intense Pressure from More than 50 Republicans

  1. The only way out of this shitstorm is to have the election overturned one because it is factual they cheated their way into the white house two the three people that stand to control the country without the election being overturned are committed by their actions as proof to destroy America. Three if the Election isn’t overturned Then The Military Had Better Step in and Do Their Duty and Defend our Country From All Enemy’s Both Foreign And Domestic!!!

  2. It’s time the weight of the American people comes crashing down on the sorry sons of bitches that are trying to destroy this country traitors receive no mercy they must publicly pay for their crimes rather it be hanging or a firing squad there have been many organizations corrupted by the socialist Democrats and Republican rhinos remember to thank our President Donald Trump and our first lady Melania and the Trump family For removing the veil from the American peoples eyes and a special thanks for the patriots that are fighting for our nation and remember all of the organizations that have committed treason deliberately against the American people the fake news media big tech all the three Leonard organizations we know all of the criminals Pelosi Schumer Nadler Adam Schiff Clinton’s Obamas I’ll have committed treason against the American people and they must publicly pay for their crimes against America and humanity God bless the United States of America

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