How to Make Organic Lightening Cream in Nigeria


What is Organic Lightening Cream? These types of Organic Lightening Creams are made from natural products. These particular creams are made from natural synthetic materials like bearberry extract, licorice extract, citrus extract, and vitamin C, e.t.c…

These natural product doesn’t contain harmful material that can affect the body or skin, the chemicals used here doesn’t have bleaching reagent, most people like natural products to the chemicals once. The chemical used in producing bleaching cream burns the skin when reacts with sunlight.

Organic Lightening Cream has more natural ingredients than inorganic ones, most bleaching creams are made of inorganic materials, these comprise harmful chemicals, which react to the skin on sunlight.


Importance of Organic Lightening Cream

There is much importance to the organic lightening cream, it serves as a moisturizing agent to the skin, more so, it smoothens the skin, prevents skin infections, lightens the skin, also serves as an antioxidant.

Here are some steps on how to make Organic Lightening Cream in Nigeria

These step-by-step methods would guide you on how to make Organic Lightening Cream of your own, there are many ingredients to use. The most important of organic cream is that it doesn’t have any chemical reaction to the skin.



 Half cup of Plain yogurt

1 teaspoon of organic honey


A pinch of Turmeric powder

6 grams: Sweet almond flour


2 teaspoon: Fresh lemon juice

The above items are the natural ingredient for the preparation of the organic cream, no inorganic materials, purely organic with the best skincare.

Steps on making Organic Lightening Cream

Step 1. The unsalted almond powder needs to be mixed smoothly, using a nice food processor, making sure it does not grind for too long, if not, it would become an almond butter which won’t be needful for the production.

2. Making use of the ingredients that are, honey, lemon juice, yogurt, and turmeric powder mix well in a small bowl for proper result.

3. Stir all items properly for a well-blended mixture

4. After carrying out all the procedures, store the mixture in a refrigerator for more balanced results.

5. Put the organic cream in a container, after that apply to the skin.

Without adding preservatives the cream can last for seven days when remove from the refrigerator.

All the ingredients are made of natural material, which has a great advantage to the skin and body, they serve as antioxidants, they help in preventing the reaction of the sun to the skin, they also give vitamins, minerals, and minerals to the skin.


An organic lightening cream is more preferable to inorganic cream, the effect of inorganic cream is so much that most individuals get tired of using it, the disadvantage of inorganic cream.

When reacting with the sun, it burns the skin

Also a bleaching reagent, and more.

It is preferable to use organic cream for good skincare.


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