The 10 Best Real Estate Companies in Nigeria


You’ll need the assistance of real estate companies in Nigeria if you wish to buy, finance, or rent a property or home in Nigeria. Working in the real estate industry, however, takes more than just a strong grasp of bargaining skills.

When making real estate decisions, one of the most crucial factors to consider is your budget. That’s why the best real estate companies in Nigeria aren’t just focused on expanding their sales and profits; they also want to provide you with excellent advise.

The best real estate firms in Nigeria don’t just sell or lease houses; they also meet their clients’ needs and keep them satisfied long after the transaction is concluded.


This article includes a list of real estate companies that provide exceptional customer service and provide the best real estate transactions.

10. CADWELL Limited

Cadwell Ltd has been in the real estate business for about two decades, specializing in luxury flats, residences, and offices. This firm is one of Nigeria’s leading real estate firms.


Cadwell, despite being a local company, has a touch of class that rivals even worldwide companies. Their properties are mostly in Lagos’ affluent areas, such as Ikoyi and Victoria Island.

Their project portfolio is excellent, and they mostly serve high-end clients.


They are typically involved in property development and management, real estate marketing and sales, and facility upkeep. Cadwell guarantees clients that their properties will be fully occupied if they choose to lease them.

Their cutting-edge approach to facility management, on the other hand, makes them the real estate firm of choice in this area.


9. UACN Property Development Company

UPDC is a real estate investment business that was founded in 1997 and went public in 1998 on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. UPDC has a track record of effectively purchasing, developing, selling, and managing industrial, residential, recreational, and retail properties across Nigeria.

Nigeria’s incredible real estate market rise is entwined with the country’s history. The corporation has played a significant role in Nigeria’s development, having constructed world-class structures that have molded the market while also serving as role models for other real estate firms.

8. International Property Development Consortium

IPDC Limited is a Nigerian real estate development company. IPDC is a company that is known for transforming its surroundings by designing and managing world-class structures. Whether you’re trying to create, acquire, trade, or lease rental properties, they try to provide personalized services to meet your specific needs.

Competence, integrity, and exceptional customer service are the pillars of their company, and they take great pride in their team’s abilities, knowledge, and customers.

TBNW Terraces in Lekki Phase 1, Femi Okunnu Estate’s Pine Court Apartments in Lekki, and Lotus Apartments in Ikate Elegushi, Lekki.

7. PrimeWaterview Limited

This prestigious real estate firm is a key player in the luxury property and development business, particularly in Lagos’ affluent areas of Ikoyi, Lekki, and Victoria Island.

Primewaterview Limited is making inroads into additional property markets. Ofada/Mowe in Ogun state, as well as the Onireke and GRA areas of Ibadan, are examples.

They have a holistic approach to real estate, and their experience in the business allows them to provide clients with services such as land surveying, design, construction, and project management. They are also actively involved in assisting people and clients with the purchase and sale of real estate properties.

6. Redbrick Homes International Limited

Amen Estate is developed by Redbrick Homes International Limited, a notable real estate development company situated in Lagos, Nigeria. Amen Estate is now concentrating on the construction of around 700 units. Residential flats, semi-detached houses, balconies, and condominiums come in a variety of layouts.

To name a few features, Amen Estate offers 24-hour power, paved roads, photovoltaic street lamps, covered gutters, garbage collection, security, and repair, waste treatment and disposal services, clean water supply, armed guards officers, and a fully equipped recreation center.

5. Trojan Estates Limited

Trojan Estates Limited was established in 2003 as a limited-liability real estate development and construction company with the goal of transforming the Nigerian housing market by incorporating long-term value and exceptional quality into every phase of the construction process while keeping the needs of the clients in mind.

Trojan Estates is driven by a desire to achieve excellence and a good reputation, and they rely greatly on analysis, identifying their clients’ needs, paying close attention to the smallest details, quality management, and completing projects on time.

Their largest project, Royal Gardens Estate, is a 145-hectare protected housing development on the Lekki-Epe Highway in Lagos State. It is now a peaceful region with amenities and services that benefit hundreds of inhabitants.

4. Aircom

As a real estate corporation, Aircom assisted in the creation of a 62-hectare area in Lekki, Lagos. With over 20 years of expertise in the company, Aircom has had great success in the realm of project consultancy services to assist its clients in the delivery of good quality homes and related infrastructure to the Nigerian people.

The company has completed and sold several residential units in the following estates to various groups of customers: Friends Colony Estate, Cromwell Court Estate, Napier Garden Estate, Egerton Place Estate, Bourdillon Court Estate, Milverton Court Estate, Northern Foreshore Estate, Friends Colony Estate, Cromwell Court Estate, Napier Garden Estate, Egerton Place Estate, Bourdillon Court Estate, Milverton Court Estate, Northern Foreshore Estate, Friends Colony Estate, Cromwell Court Estate, Napier Garden Estate, Egerton Place Estate, Bourdillon Court Estate, Milverton court estate.

3.Gibraltar Construction

Gibraltar Construction collaborates with world-class architects, builders, and clients to bring technologically advanced and innovative construction projects to Nigerian towns and communities.

Since 1990, they have executed over 1200 outstanding projects in Nigeria, encompassing 12 states.

The organization has been shaped by decades of leadership and a consistent devotion to basic ideals such as quality, excellence, accountability, and honesty. This collection of values encapsulates all they believe in, everything they do, and who they are.

2. Jide Taiwo & Co

Despite the changes in the real estate sector over the years, this company, founded in 1980 by Jide Taiwo, a competent estate manager, has managed to stay on top of the game. JTC is a household name in Nigeria, with 22 offices around the country.

They provide valuation services to institutions, people, and businesses. Assets in the marine, aviation, and rail industries are all covered by this service. JTC is also involved in the appraisal of municipal projects’ master plans and individual plots.

They work in facility and project management, as well as development. They have a track record of successfully managing large and complicated portfolios. This is why they have both governmental and private sector patronage.

Through its website, JTC also provides advisory services to both the public and private sectors. They, for example, provide guidance in the field of debt recovery when real estate is involved.

They lease and sell a variety of properties, including hotels, gas stations, shopping malls, and other residential and commercial buildings.

1. ADRON Homes And Property

This company aspires to be Africa’s foremost real estate development firm. Adron has around 4000 acres of land in Abuja, Lekki, Ikorodu, Shimawa, and Ota, among other areas.

They are the real estate company of choice among middle and low-income earners because of their promotional and discount offerings, as well as their payment flexibility.


Our list of the best real estate businesses is the result of extensive study, and we are confident that hiring any of these firms will provide you with high-quality real estate services.

Anyone interested in purchasing or selling property in Nigeria may find this comprehensive list of some of the country’s greatest real estate companies quite useful.


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