Study and Work in Canada: Everything You Must Know.

There are many advantages you stand to gain from studying and working in Canada; the country is one of the most looked out for by foreign students, due to how comfortable and easy it can get to bag a degree in the country. Canada provides one of the best environments for international students to study.

One of the core benefits of studying in Canada is the on-the-job training most international students enjoy. You can get better at your profession because of the on-the-job training the various institutions made available for foreign students. Also, some foreign students who are low on funds can take on jobs, which they can use to sponsor their stay in the country.

You can easily juggle work and school while in Canada, because of the flexible nature of the institutions in the country. You won’t have to bother about it taking a toll on your grades as there are measures taken in place by the Canadian government to ensure that one can easily blend school and work.

However, for you to juggle work and school in Canada, it is compulsory to have a work permit. There are certain steps you will have to take and requirements you need to fulfil before getting a work permit in the country. The good thing is that once you meet the needed requirements, getting a work permit as an international student would be a walk in the park.

Do you want to juggle work and school in Canada and don’t know how to go about it? You made it to the right post. This post will throw a vivid light on how the process of studying and working in Canada works.

Canada Work and Study Visa Requirements

As I said previously, if you wish to juggle work and school in Canada as a foreign student, it is compulsory to get a work permit, and a work permit requires some processes. There are requirements you have to fulfil to be considered eligible for a work and study visa in Canada. The process is very much worth it, as the process of juggling school and work can be very beneficial in the long run. Below are the Canada study and work visa requirements:

1. To be eligible for the work and study visa, you have to be up to 19 years old.

2. You must opt for an English Proficiency test to be eligible for the work and study visa.

3. You have to present a valid passport.

4. Also, you have to present a letter of explanation, declaring your reasons for opting and completing the program.

5. You are expected to be done with your High School program, before application.

6. The next step is to show proof that you have been accepted into a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

7. You are to present proof that you can take care of yourself throughout your stay and study in Canada. You also have to show evidence that you can cover your tuition fee while in school.

Benefits of Working and Studying in Canada

Studying and working in Canada as an international student comes with many benefits. It is not surprising that many foreign students apply to work while studying in the country. The Canadian government made conditions that are favourable for International students who choose to work and study.

Are you wondering what you stand to gain from studying and working in Canada? Below are some of the core benefits:

Financial Growth

Many International students juggle work and school in Canada so that they can cater to their needs while in the country. Many students get well-paid from the jobs they do while working in the country, which helps with their savings. The probability of going bankrupt is almost non-existent with this.


Some people get retained at the place they work once they are done with their degree in Canada. Some even end up being placed in a better position once they have bagged the degree.


Working while studying in school is a good way to build connections and meet new people who might turn out to be beneficial in the long run. Some get to meet and socialize with people from various countries of the world, which might not have been possible if they were only studying.


Working while studying offers most people on-the-job training, especially if the work is related to your field of study. You might get to meet professionals who are more knowledgeable in your chosen field and this would help build an amazing wealth of experience.

Final Thoughts

Studying and working in Canada as an international student comes with various benefits and this could be seen in how foreign students strive to get work and study visas. In this post, I gave a vivid guide on everything you should know about studying and working in Canada.

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