Adam Schiff Under Investigation for providing Illegal Access to Gang of 7

Adam Schiff Under Investigation for providing Illegal Access to Gang of 7

US Capitol Police arrested several employees of CBS’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and California Rep. Adam Schiff was subpoenaed for an explanation. According to CNN, the gang was arrested Thursday for entering Capitol Hill while spying. over the offices of certain Republican congressmen.

“On June 16, 2022, at approximately 8:30 p.m., the United States Capitol Police (USCP) received a report of a disturbance at the Longworth House Office building.”Response officers observed seven people in a sixth-floor hallway who were unescorted and did not have congressional ID,” Capitol Police said.

“The building was closed to guests,” they explained, “and it was determined that these individuals were part of a group who had been ordered by the USCP to vacate the building earlier that day.” “This is an ongoing criminal investigation,” they said, adding that “additional criminal charges may be filed after consultation with the US Attorney.”

According to CBS, the staff had approved interviews but stayed to do additional comedic bits. “Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was at the Capitol on Wednesday, June 15th, and Thursday, June 16th with a production team to interview for a comedy segment on behalf of The Late Show.

“Their interviews on Capitol Hill were approved and pre-arranged by the congressional assistants of the lawmakers interviewed,” the statement added. their last interview on the day Capitol Police conducted them.” Fox News correspondent Chad Pergram tweeted about the event. “Fox confirms that a group of people associated with Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, was arrested last night and charged with breaking into the House office building after hours,” it said.

“According to Fox News, the suspects were taken into custody in the Longworth House office block. Earlier that day, the team was at the Cannon House office building to set up interviews for the 1/6 committee meeting.

“However, they were escorted by the USCP because they lacked official press credentials,” the reporter explained. However, after the Capitol complex closed to the public later that night, the gang reappeared and took photos and filmed the offices of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Lauren Boebert. , according to Fox” (R-CO). “They were arrested and charged with entering the country illegally without an escort.

They were arrested near where Boebert worked. “They were released the next day,” he said. “Through a senior House source, Fox has confirmed the arrest of these nine individuals. Movie character Tyrone Dean Romond, Stephen Green, Nicoletta Brendan Hurley is a professional basketball player, Smigel, Robert Comers, Josh Feldman, David“Robert Smigel is best known for his role as the voice of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. He also did short cartoons for ‘TV Funhouse’ for Saturday Night Live,” he explained.

Tucker Carlson, a Fox News personality, accused Rep. Schiff of inviting the group to Capitol Hill and accused them of rioting. “Last night the producers of Stephen Colbert’s CBS show staged a riot in the United States Capitol,” he claimed, adding that “[US Democratic Representative] Adam Schiff illegally granted CBS producers access to the Capitol.”

The group then stayed in the Longworth House office block after hours.” Some of Stephen Colbert’s team will probably be locked in solitary confinement without charge for a year and a half,” he said. “Because this is a riot.” Besides, how could they not be kept?… The precedent has been set.

“It’s just like January 6,” he said.“We will therefore examine the sanctions closely. And he wasn’t the only one who noticed the connection between the story and January 6, 2020. “When and what did the J6 committee know about Colbert’s riot on Capitol Hill? ?” Mollie Hemingway spoke for herself.

The House Republican Judiciary Committee said: “On the 50th anniversary of the Watergate break-in, friends of @RepAdamSchiff wormed their way into Stephen Colbert’s staff and conducted unauthorized scouting of Republican offices around the world.”What did Adam Schiff know, when did he know, and how did he know?” Rep. Dan Bishop, a Republican, explained

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