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The new Chairman of house Judiciary Committee Rep. Jim Jordan goes off on the FBI for investigating parents who were vocal at local school board meetings while they ignored other criminal matters more relevant to the country, he said its double standard.


The host of NBC’s Meet the Press recently confronted Jim Jordan about the legitimacy of the investigation into parents over the death threats on school board members and the Biden’s classified documents Saga. The DOJ and the mainstream media have refused to take this seriously.

Rep Jim Jordan talked about how one of the people they went to investigate was a mom, and they said because she is in the group Moms for Liberty and because they have firearms at her house, they go and investigate her.


That’s a shitty thing to do to a citizen of your country. They show up at your house surely has a chilling impact on other parents.

President Biden was recently implicated in his son’s criminal activities. Biden recently said he has no knowledge of his son’s business but was recently proven wrong.


Not only does Biden has a hand in it, he benefited from it, Biden is like a direct beneficiary of his son’s foreign affairs.


Rep Jim Jordan’s first hearing as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee will be an all out attack on the Biden administration.

The Republican Congressman promised it would be a hearing based on the situation at the southern border.

Rep Jim Jordan also added that the chilling impact on First Amendment free speech is what his committee care about.

He also said that the committee is about protecting the Constitution, in particular the First Amendment. They can’t take our first amendment rights from us.

In a recent letter obtained by CNN , the department of justice said that they won’t give the documents, that they have a longstanding practice of withholding information that could endanger or compromise ongoing investigations.

The Biden administration is definitely hiding something, they are doing their best to protect president Biden and Nancy Pelosi by all means, they know they have failed the county, they will try to silent the opposition by all means necessary.

GOP Congressman Jim Jordan has demanded access to a host of documents related to the Biden special counsel investigation, but the FBI reiterated they won’t give it to the house Intel committee.

The content of the DOJ letter states that a disclosures to Congress about active investigations risk jeopardizing those investigations and creating the appearance that Congress may be exerting improper political pressure or attempting to influence the Department of Justice’s decisions.

Rep Jim Jordan and his fellow GOP lawmakers have made clear their plan to examine how the department of justice handled politically sensitive probes, which includes it’s role in the ongoing special counsel investigations related to the handling of classified material by Biden and former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago saga.

Democrats will do everything possible to make sure they Tanish Donald Trump’s image and hide president Biden’s failings. They hate the idea of President Trump running for office in 2024.

Rep. Jim Jordan had said he is considering subpoenas if the department of justice refuse to hand over the requested documents. That may be what he will result to now, since the DOJ decided not to hand them over.

Democrats are scared, they know President Biden has failed the American people, but they can’t stand the idea of Trump winning the next elections so they result in politicizing the department of justice, and the FBI, they want to buy their way through.

GOP lawmakers are eager to dig into the Justice Department’s ongoing probes, a subcommittee has been set up to investigate the weaponization of the federal government and ongoing criminal investigations.

President Biden is most likely guilty, Jim Jordan’s committee opens criminal investigations into president Biden, the FBI and the Department of Justice.

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  1. Jail every single one in that administration. I hear there are people in the Washington DC jails that have no dates they’re not allowed to get out. If that’s true that’s completely wrong. That whole Administration has done things that are against the law They all need to be impeached and never be allowed to work in the public sector again. And that goes for Joe Biden Obama and Hillary I’ve been watching Biden from day one as I watched by and destroy our economy. What they have been doing to Trump and get away with it I don’t understand that.

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