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Minnesota congress woman Ilhan Omar has once again come under the limelight for claiming she was unaware there are tropes about the Jewish community and money.


The Minnesota congress woman was recently removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee by Newly nominated House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Ilhan Omar either have short term memory or she’s pretending to have amnesia. We all heard when she made the slur, but she’s denying it now.


Another chronic liar Jerry Nadler was also removed from the House Intel committee now headed by Rep Jim Jordan of Ohio.

Ilhan Omar tried defending her self in a recent interview, refuting accusations that she has made anti-Semitic comments before now.


The Minnesota congress woman said she has never made anti-Semitic comments in her entire life.


Ilhan Omar blatantly denied ever knowingly making any anti-Semitic comments, she said she doesn’t have anything against the Jewish community, even doe her actions says otherwise.

The Minnesota congress woman also said she was not aware that the word hypnotized was a trope which is a big lie.

She said she was not aware of the fact that there are tropes about Jews and money and that she knows better now.

The Minnesota congress woman was one of the first Muslim American elected to the House of Representatives. And she has been a torn on Israel’s flesh ever since.

Ilhan Omar once compared Israel to terrorist organizations like Hamas and the Taliban, she said the relationship between the Jewish community and America is all about Benjamins (money).

The democrats Congresswoman made a statement sometimes in 2012 that Israel has hypnotized the world.

She continued that Allah should awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel and the Israeli people.

Well meaning Americans saw through Ilhan Omar’s shallow explorations, because she has a long history of attacks on the Israeli community.

A human rights activist accused Ilhan Omar of being a chronic liar. If she can lie like this, who knows how many mores lies she has told in Congress.

Hananya Naftali said the Minnesota congress woman is not only an anti-Semite but also a very bad liar.

He continued that Ilhan Omar discovered it will favour her more if she focuses on Israel community and Zionists instead of Jews.

He said Ilhan Omar not knowing there were stereotypes about Jews and money is a big lie. She’s only saying that now because she was removed from the house foreign affairs committee because of her tendency to be biase.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in no longer in the House foreign affairs committee nor the House Judiciary Committee, now it’s time to remove her from Congress entirely, she’s highly incompetent.


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