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Donald Trump Goes After The New York Times, Calling Them “Enemy Of The People”

President Trump Goes After The New York Times, Calling Them “Enemy Of The People” – President Trump at The NY Times There was a time when the New York Times was a credible name in the world of investigative journalism. However, that has already happened.


The New York Times has fallen out of favour and its quest for sensational breaking news has led it to consistently lie to the American people. President Trump Reminds America That The Far Left New York Times Is Indeed The True Enemy Of The People!

The former president wrote in a statement that said: The failing New York Times is down 40% so far this year on fake news. Your reporters are dishonest and your front page has become pure fiction, not news. They hate our country and they hate telling the truth, which is why America is not respected and our nation has never been weaker. Müller’s witch hunt and Russia, Russia, Russia.


The New York Times will continue to fall because people no longer believe its reporting is anywhere near true. Fake polls, fake stories, and fabricated quotes are an embarrassment to journalism and have set it back many, many years. THE NEW YORK TIMES REALLY IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!

The New York Times is where the deep state reports on its trash. He was behind the Mueller scam and now the January 6 scam. It is not a media source nor is it any of today’s mainstream media, they are all disinformation. Announcer. President Trump has faced biased reporting from The Times throughout his tenure.


President Trump even had to sue The Times for its fake news about Russia. Stories accusing the former president of knowingly colluding with the Russians to influence the 2016 presidential election and tip the results in his favour.

After 2 years of investigation and over 20 million dollars spent and indicted more than a dozen defendants, Bob Mueller found not a shred of evidence pointing to the President or any of his close allies. is how far the Times has fallen. And when the big media go under so badly that they have to resort to outright lies just to maintain ratings, they actually become the enemy of the people.


3 Replies to “Donald Trump Goes After The New York Times, Calling Them “Enemy Of The People”

  1. It’s very clear that the biden administration is not for America. He should be hung for treason

  2. He is right, they are biased against Trump and Trump supporters. They are biased against conservatives. I hope he sues their pants off.

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