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Matt Gaetz Introduce Resolution to INDICT and RESTRICT Adam Schiff

GOP congress man Matt Gaetz reintroduced his ‘Pencil Resolution’ against Adam Schiff, this resolution will bar the Democratic congressman from accessing any classified information because of his Russia collusion comments about former President Donald Trump.


Former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff was the one who led the efforts to Weaponize lies from Hillary Clinton campaign and a corrupt DOJ to criminalize Trump while destroying any trust the country had in America’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies.


Speaker McCarthy’s removal of Adam schiff from the House Intelligence Committee prompted Matt Gaetz resolution. Matt Gaetz vowed to make Adam Schiff pay for his lies against the Former president of the United States of America.

Speaker of the House of Representatives McCarthy promised to remove Rep. Adam Schiff from the House Intelligence Committee and he kept his promise. A liar don’t deserve to be in the house Intel committee. He only knows how to fabricate lies to defame president Trump.


Adam Schiff who was the former chairman of house intelligence committee lied to the American people about Russia Gate and the veracity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, they colluded with the main stream media to sensor anything consigning Hunter Biden.

Rep Matt Gaetz Said Adam Schiff can no longer be trusted by his fellow lawmakers in Congress or the American people, he has lied his way out of Congress. Adam Schiff Has finally bitten more than he can chew.


With Matt Gaetz PENCIL Resolution, GOP Lawmakers will express the sense of Congress that he should be barred from accessing any classified information at all cost and he will be possibly indicted and removed from Congress as a whole.

Matt Gaetz pencil resolution is similar to his 2019 resolution which called for Adam Schiff to lose his access to classified information, and he should be investigated by the House Ethics Committee for serious acts of Treason.

Matt Gaetz also demanded that every comments made by Adam Schiff about Trump and Russian collusion be removed from the Congressional record, because they are all lies.

What angered Matt Gaetz was when Schiff said after taking over as chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee that it was clear and they have evidence on the issue of Trump’s collusion with Russia.

Adam Schiff previously said that Russians offered help, that Trump’s campaign accepted help from Russia and the Russian government gave help, and President Trump made full use of the help, This wasn’t True also.

Mueller’s report proved that there was no criminal collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia government or hackers.

The Mueller report proved that Adam Schiff conspired with rogue elements of the Defence Department in an attempt to tarnish the reputation and image of the former President.

Adam Schiff while trying to defend himself said he is an object of house GOP target because of his leading role in Trump’s first impeachment.

President Trumps impeachment focused on himself asking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky over a phone call, asking him to announce investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden Treasonous activities.

The democrats congressman’s name was recently in the news because he announced he will be running for Senate to replace 89-year-old Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, who hasn’t even announced her retirement.


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