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Coronavirus: US confirms first death –


WIKI DAILY__The President Donald Trump alongside his administration on Saturday confirmed from the White House briefing room the first coronavirus death in the US and following immidiately Trump announced new travel restrictions to the affected countries. The President stated that there is a chance and likelihood of more cases coming up in the nearest future.


He assured the public that the CDC is on it and there is no need to “panic.” as the best hands in the world (CDC) are working tirelessly to keep Americans and America safe. Urging the public, media and politicians and everybody else involved not to incite panic and spread false news as there is no reason for that at all.

The President also, offered his deep condolences to the affected family. Dr. Jeffrey Duchin, confirmed Saturday that the individual who died was male.

Trump at the white house briefing on Covid19

According to Dr Redfield, who spoke alongside the President at the briefing, “The Washington deceased patient appears to have become ill through community spread.

Trump also said he’ll be meeting with pharmaceutical companies at the White House on Monday to have a discussion on the coronavirus vaccine. The President said in the briefing that there are now 22 cases of the novel coronavirus in the US. This number excludes those repatriated to the United States from Wuhan, China, or from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.


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