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Joe Biden: dominates Super Tuesday with political comeback

WIKI DAILY__On this super Tuesday, Former vice president, Joe Biden just showed Americans and the world the most unexpected comeback in modern political history with 10 unexpected wins in a span of less than 5 nights. Few hours ago.


Biden, who seemed to be on the verge of been kicked out of the race. Now, 72 hours later things have turned around and the polls are looking good for him.

Against most expectations. Biden totally changed the face of the game by cupping in nine primary wins on Tuesday. Stopping Sen. Bernie Sanders in his tracks of becoming the Democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 Election slated November.


Bernie at some point was most likely to have emerged as the winner. No presidential candidate of recent times has rescued a failing campaign in such spectacular fashion as Biden did in just 72 hours.

A historical, political comeback for Biden

Joe Biden’s historical political comeback

From most indications, Bernie Sanders is projected to come out on top in California, the biggest delegate prize, Joe Biden and his liberal rival Bernie Sanders look sure to be closely matched in the cumulative delegate count, with Biden shooting forward.


Trump in a twit on Wednesday pointed out that the Dems are working to counteract Sanders — help shoot Biden to victory.__ “many good states remaining for Joe!” Trump observed.

A combination of fast shifting factors contributed to Biden’s swift triumph. one of such happened during a press town hall when Biden consoled a pastor who lost his wife in the Charleston massacre.


The gesture projected his faith and love for the people. In his emotional victory speech that portrayed or reflected him as an empathetic,loving and decent figure that, some voters now see him as a direct contrast of Donald Trump.

Word from some political Analysts claims that Biden’s swift success came as a result of a significant under-performance from Sanders corner. His early wins may have contributed to some laxity on his side.



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