FBI Director admits Bias
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Bombshell | FBI Director admits Bias in Hunter Biden laptop probe

FBI Director admits Bias in Hunter Biden laptop probe. Under fire from Republican senators, FBI Director Christopher Wray admitted allegations that FBI agents had protected his first child, Hunter Biden, from criminal investigations, were “deeply disturbing” before retiring from the question-and-answer session finished time saying he had a flight to catch. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, argued in vain that Wray delayed the departure of that government plane after pointing out that it was not flying a commercial.


John Kennedy, R-La, pressed Wray on the whistleblower’s allegations against Tim Thibault, the assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s DC field office, and Brian Auten, an FBI oversight intelligence analyst. “Isn’t it true that Mr.Thibault, Agent Thibault, excuse me, and did [Auten] cover up derogatory information about Mr. Hunter Biden while he was working for the FBI? asked Kennedy Wray.

The senator also cited Thibault’s anti-Republican social media posts, which resemble attacks on Republicans by FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the NY Post said. In response, Wray said that “[I] want to be very careful not to interfere with ongoing personnel matters,” adding, “I have to say that if you read the letter, which describes the sort of things that are going on about the You speak, I found it deeply disturbing.


”In his letter to Wray, Grassley explained that both Auten and Thibault participated in “a plan” to “undermine disparaging reporting related to Hunter Biden by falsely claiming that it is disinformation.” He also wrote that FBI Headquarters attempted to “unduly discredit negative information from Hunter Biden as disinformation and prompted the cessation of investigations.

Citing some of Thibault’s social media posts, Senator Kennedy asked the FBI director if he knew, “How do the American people view this? before asking about Thibault’s involvement in the FBI’s investigation into Mr. Hunter Biden. In response to Kennedy’s comments, Wray said, “What you are describing is not representative of the FBI … where I see Patriots working hard with tremendous integrity and objectivity.


“When Kennedy attempted to confirm whether or not Thibault was involved in the investigation, Of course, Wray didn’t respond directly: “Have you worked on or are you working on the FBI investigation into Mr.Hunter Biden? Kennedy asked again about Hunter Biden’s investigation into possible tax fraud, unregistered foreign lobbying, and money laundering. His deals around the world came to light this year after the media reviewed documents on an alleged ex-Hunter Biden laptop.

FBI Director admits Bias in Hunter Biden laptop probe, See Video:

That includes his dealings with his father, Joe Biden, which poses a conflict of interest for the president. Emails discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop suggest his father was involved with his associates from Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan. The father directed the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy.


The Washington Post also reported that Hunter Biden and his uncle Jim Biden received $4.8 million from their deals with CEFC China Energy.


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  1. if they were after hunter they have him. this is an attempt to persuade the people the fbi can be trusted. in the meantime they go after trump and the people will believe the doj and fbi and say goodbye to trump, and forget hunter he has disappeared. trumpos in prison, hunter is smoking crack molesting little girls and daddy joe walks away as mentally incompoetent to stand trial. drunken nancy will be president. you just watched the country die. hunter wont have anything happen to him because crazy drunk will pardon them all. screwed us again. watch how they win midterms. the republican will be wondering damn what happen. i can figure out the game plan and im not a politician. i hope they wake up because getting a big head you lose.

    1. Time to change the main crooked seats in the house let JIM JORDAN AND TED CRUX for starters and the young man from S.C

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