Crowd of Trump supporters gather outside Mar-a-Lago protesting FBI raid
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JUST IN: Crowd of Trump supporters gather outside Mar-a-Lago protesting FBI raid

Many Trump supporters outside of Mar-a-Lago said the Justice Department is trying to block the former president from running for office again. was raided by FBI agents allegedly looking for classified documents. The protesters traveled to Palm Beach, Fla. after the former president issued a statement on the raid.


Sources close to the matter told Fox News the DOJ is investigating whether Trump illegally brought classified documents into his private residence. Fox News Digital’s Matt Leach spoke to several fans who expressed their disapproval of the raid.

Kennon traveled all over Florida to show his support for the former president. “As soon as I saw it, I drove here from Tampa. That’s crazy,” Kennon said. “We all know what you’re trying to do, DOJ. You’re trying to create some kind of office, so you can’t run for re-election.”


Another Trump supporter, Mike Baffumo, expressed similar doubts about the Justice Department. “They will do anything to catch him. They’re scared of him,” Baffumo said. another reason besides the policies he supports: is the America First policy.

Supporters also protested the raid, which took place when Trump was not at the facility: the former president was in New York City when agents executed the search warrant.


“What they’re doing to the President is wrong. They’re not investigating anything else, but they will investigate him when he’s not even here in the dark at home,” said a supporter named Ashley. Another pro-Trump protester named Matthew agreed: “It’s pretty sick what they’re doing. You literally broke into this man’s house while he was in a different state.”

While many supporters of the former president flocked to the property, there were also some opponents of the real estate mogul. An anti-Trump protester appeared with vulgar messages on his shield, mask, and clothing.


While many criticized the search, at least one supporter, George Ford says “I think what it’s going to do is it’s going to bring the Republican Party together again,”


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