Nancy Pelosi first Congress Member placed on No-Fly List
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FACT CHECK: Nancy Pelosi first Congress Member placed on No-Fly List

This is retaliation for a preferred Democratic line on the “no-fly list,” but Congress’s proposal to restrict gun purchases from those on such lists was broader than this. Individuals on the “Fly”-“No-Fly List,” the database used by the Transportation Security Administration to screen passengers deemed a threat to commercial aviation or national security.


Just after Nancy Pelosi embarked on a personal trip to Taiwan for maybe selfish agenda despite the warnings from fellow members of Congress not to go stirring up conflicts/tensions in the region between China and Taiwan.

This list is a subset of a more extensive watchlist, the watchlist of many Democratic lawmakers related to the push to limit gun purchases from those on the no-fly list, legislative efforts were not directly related. Instead


Applies to individuals on the larger Consolidated Terrorist Watch List. The government uses a “reasonable suspicion” standard to nominate someone for inclusion on the terrorist watch list. Therefore, the government has generally not resorted to putting an individual on the watch list automatically declining certain actions.

Under current federal law, membership in a terrorist organization or being placed on a watch list does not prevent anyone from purchasing a gun. The FBI will be notified when a person
on a watch list attempts to purchase a gun. pistol.


There must be some other factor that precludes the person from purchasing a gun under federal or state law, e.g. B. A felony conviction, history of domestic violence, or illegal immigration status.

The Intercept 2014 obtained the 2013 Watch List Guide from the National Counterterrorism Center, which revealed that the government was permitted to designate individuals as representatives of terrorist organizations “without evidence of their actual affiliation with such organizations; giving a single White House official unilateral authority to place entire “categories” of people the government is tracking on no-fly and shortlists.


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