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How to Change UBA Phone Number Online

How to Change UBA Phone Number Online


One of the most asked questions online is “How do I change my UBA phone number?”. Most people don’t know how to go about the process of changing their UBA phone number and this can be sad because the process is very easy. People change or lose their phone numbers over the years and wish to change the number they receive alerts with to their current phone number.

However, keep in mind that though the process is very simple, there are some processes you will have to fulfill before your phone number can be changed to a new one in UBA. Changing your phone number is free, all you have to do is visit the UBA bank nearest to you for a change of number.


Most people have been speculating if it is possible to change their UBA phone number online. Of truth, if UBA phone numbers can be changed online, it will save customers the stress of visiting a physical bank before they can change their number. Sadly, it is not possible to change your UBA number online.

Do you want to change your phone number on UBA and wish to know if it can be changed online? No, you can’t change your phone number on UBA online. However, there are easy ways to change your phone number once you visit a branch of UBA nearest to you.


Can You Change UBA Phone Online?

There have been speculations that you can change your phone number to a new one in UBA online, but that’s not true. If you wish to change your phone number, you have to visit the nearest UBA bank. However, if it was possible to change phone numbers online, it would have made the process seamless for customers, as they won’t have to go through the stress of visiting physical a bank.


Things You Need to Change Your Phone Number on UBA

To change your phone number on UBA, there are certain criteria you will have to fulfill. These requirements are very necessary and without them, you can’t change your old number to a new one on UBA. Once you have these requirements, you are good to go. Below are the requirements you have to fulfill before changing your phone number in UBA:

1. Your UBA Account Number

2. The full name on your UBA Account

3. The new phone number you wish to swap with the old one

4. Your old phone number

How to Change UBA Phone Number

The process of changing your UBA phone number is very easy and you don’t have to break a sweat while at it. Below are ways to change your UBA number:

1. To change your phone number to a new one, visit the nearest UBA bank and request an account update.

2. Make sure you fill out the bank account update; also enter your new account while at it.

3. Shortly after that, your number would be updated to the current phone number you are using and you will start receiving alerts.

Final Thoughts

It is sad to inform you that there is no way to change your UBA phone number online. However, you can always visit a physical bank to change your phone number.


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