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Nigerian Army Ranks

The Nigerian Army was established in 1990 and have since then gone ahead to be one of the most dominant military force in Africa, and Nigeria in particular. It is a land branch of the Nigeria Armed Forces, and also the largest and most influential among the forces in Nigeria.


The Nigerian Army is a force that is very strong in the hierarchy; hence, it is not surprising why the Nigerian Military forces have remained one of the best in the continent.

The Nigerian Army has so many duties which include the protection of the country against foreign invasion and many other functions. However, while the Nigerian Army is the dream of many heroic youths, it is important to note that this line of job is very dangerous and only for the strong-minded. Regardless, they are paid well for their services in the end, so it is not surprising that most people still strive to join the Nigerian Army even with the dangers. The salary structure of the Nigerian army is also hierarchical; this implies that you earn bigger salaries as you climb the radar.


Do you want to join the Nigerian Army and wish to know what the various ranks in the army are and their salaries? You made it to the right post. In this article, I will go into detail on the Nigerian Army ranks and salary structure.

Nigeria Army Ranks and Salary Structure


The Nigerian Army is very strong on hierarchy, hence, the higher you climb, the better your salary and benefits. The Nigerian Army is divided into Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers. Below are the various Army ranks and their salary structures:



Rank              Salary

1. Field Marshal – Yet to be attained

2. General – N1,500.000

3. Lieutenant General – N1,000,000

4. Major General – N950,000

5. Brigadier General – N750,000

6. Colonel – N550,000

7. Lieutenant Colonel – N350,000

8. Major – N300,000

9. Captain – N220,000

10. Lieutenant – N180,000

11. Second Lieutenant – N120,000


Rank                              Salary

1. Warrant Officer Class 1 – N90,000

2. Warrant Officer Class 2 – N80,000

3. Staff Sergeant – N68,000

4. Sergeant – N63,000

5. Corporal – N58,000

6. Lance – corporal – N55,000

7. Private – N49,000

8. Recruit – N/A

Final Thoughts

The Nigeria Army is a land branch of the Nigeria Armed Forces and also the largest. The Nigerian Army is very strong on hierarchy; hence, your salary and rank increase as you climb the radar. In this article, I went into detail on the Nigerian Army rank and the salary they earn.


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