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How to Change Date of Birth on BVN

Some errors made during the registration process can lead to giving off the wrong birth date on one Bank Verification Number (BVN). This has immense consequences, as it can affect the credibility of one’s documents. It is expected that your BVN should be free of error as it is used for opening bank accounts.


Many people have been faced with this issue and they don’t know how to correct the errors in their birth date. However, there is no need to fret because, with the right step, you can fix the birth date issue on your BVN. All you have to do is follow the right step and you are good to go.

Are there errors in birth date on your BVN and you don’t know how to correct it? You don’t have to worry because the process is very simple. In this article, I will go into detail on how to correct birth dates on BVN; all you have to do is stick around while I go into detail.


Documents Needed to Change Date of Birth on BVN

If you wish to change your date of birth on the Bank Verification Number, many documents would be required for it to be a success. These documents are very necessary and you shouldn’t omit any of them during the compilation process. Below are some of the documents you will have to present to change the date of birth on your BVN:


1. Account Name

2. Bank Verification Number (BVN)


3. Wrong Date of Birth

4. International Passport, National Identification Number (NIN), or Voters Card.

5. Birth Certificate

6. Correct Date of Birth

7. Court Affidavit

How to Change Date of Birth of Birth on BVN

Sometimes there tend to be errors during the BVN registration process and there might be mistakes on important details like the date of birth. However, there is no reason to fret if you are in this shoe, as there are ways to correct the date of birth error with the right step. Below are the easy ways you can easily change your date of birth on BVN:

1.. You will have to visit the bank where your BVN was registered.

2. Once you are at the bank, visit the customer care section and explain your problem.

3. Present the documents that were required for the change of date and fill out the form offered by the bank’s representative.

4. Once you are through with filling out the form, make sure to return the correctional form to the representative.

5. The issue with your date of birth should be fixed in 120 hours maximum, which is an approximate of 5 days.

Final Thoughts

Due to human errors, it is not surprising that customers experience issues like a mistake in their name, date of birth, and other issues. However, with the right step, you can correct this mistake. In this article, I went into detail on how to change date of birth on BVN.


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