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EXPOSED! New book reveals Barack Obama despised Sleepy Joe and wanted to fire him

A new book reveals Barack Obama despised Sleepy Joe and wanted to fire him as a Veep in 2012. Don’t take my word for it, that’s how Barack Obama feels about the guy. A new book, featured by The Daily Mail, unearths new details about the eight-year forced political marriage between former President Obama and then-President Biden.


Perhaps the best part of all of this is the fact that Joe Biden told his boss that his “masculinity is non-negotiable” before apparently “scared” at the thought of being left behind as the loser, he always was here: a false facade of tough guy and fragile emotional need inside.

The Washington Free Beacon goes one step further: Obama considered replacing his vice president with Hillary Clinton, leaving Biden “desperate,” according to Gabriel Debenedetti’s The Long
Alliance. Obama ultimately stuck with Biden, although he was furious at his Vice President’s decision to drop government support for gay marriage, an announcement Obama wanted to make.


Biden’s actions were “tantamount to a treason” and “an example of Biden trying to position himself before the president,” the book says, and staffers say, “We cannot trust [Biden] that he says his lines. Though he didn’t sidestep Biden in 2012, for reasons undisclosed by the Daily Mail but perhaps further developed in the book, Obama never softened on the insufferable Biden, telling fellow Democrats in 2016 during the election cycle that he would never underestimate Joe’s ability to screw things up. He even tried to stop Biden from running against Clinton in the primaries. Then, in 2020, Obama went back to his anti-Joe schtick.

He commented on more than one occasion about Joe’s inability to run the office, saying he was not up to the task and seemed tired all the time. He even said that a Biden candidacy would be “unthinkably painful.” All of this was true, seen even by Obama, and yet half of this country still supports him. It is both infuriating and depressing that the sheep of this nation support such tyrannical stupidity.


The realization that the Obama-Biden partnership was fraudulent from the start makes Obama’s trip back to the White House all the more enjoyable. Do you remember when that happened? Watch: The Free Beacon noted the genuine relationship between the two rivals long before their union at the White House, in contrast to the fake news media bromance. The book says that the bad blood between Biden and Obama dates back to when the two met.

As a senator, Obama thought Biden was “patronizing” and lamented his future vice president’s tendency to “move on and clearly love every minute of it.” “Now shoot me,” Obama wrote to a staffer as Biden began to speak.


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