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How to Check Mojec Prepaid Meter Numbers

Each time you want to buy or pay for your electricity, you will always face the “What is your meter number” question. This can be annoying, especially for those who do not know their meter number.


You might have to be forced to go through the rigors of going through your old receipts to know what your meter number is. And in the case where you might have lost the receipt for your Mojec prepaid meter, the whole scenario might end up complicated.

However, you don’t have to worry yourself sick because there are always ways to help get your meter numbers, even if the receipt is not available.


This article would do well to go into detail on the various Mojec prepaid meter codes and how they work.

How to Easily Check Your Mojec Prepaid Meter Numbers


If you are having issues checking your Mojec prepaid meter numbers, there is no need to worry, as the process is very simple and direct. Once you follow the steps correctly, the process would be an easy walkover for you. Below are the easiest ways to check your Mojec prepaid meter numbers:

1. To begin with, enter the number “65”, through the keypad.


2. Click on the enter button (keep in mind that the enter button might have an arrow button sign or a red, sky blue # sign).

3. Once you enter this, your prepaid meter number would show immediately.

However, in the case where it does not show, there is no need to be worried, because the codes tend to vary depending on the prepaid meter one is using.

Other Types of Meters and How to Check Their Meter Number

As I said above, there are various meter types and how to check their meter number also varies. Hence, you don’t have to fret in cases where the above step did not work out. Below are other types of meters and how to check their prepaid meter numbers:

1. Momas (621). To check the meter number of this meter type, all you have to do is dial 804 and click on the enter button. Note that you have to click the enter button twice.

2. Mojec (021). To check the meter number for this meter type, all you have to do is dial 10 and hit the enter button.

3. Conlog (041 and 042). To check the meter number for this meter type, you have to dial #4#.

4. Mojec (450 and 457). All you have to do is dial 100 and then click on the enter button.

How Many Digits Should My Prepaid Meter Have?

Your prepaid meter should have either a 13 or 11-digit number. Anything more or less than this is not a prepaid meter number. With your prepaid meter number, you won’t have issues buying or paying for your electricity.

Final Thoughts

Without your prepaid meter number, it will be a herculean task trying to buy or pay for electricity. In this article, I went into detail on everything you need to know about how to check a Mojec prepaid meter number.


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