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Lt. Col. Allen West “DEMANDS” Nancy Pelosi Be Sent To Prison For a high crime and misdemeanor

“Pelosi just committed a felony and a misdemeanor,” says Lt. Col. Allen West, referring to her “instructions” to illegal immigrants on how to evade ICE officers. State and federal Democrats have worked hard to obstruct President Donald Trump’s attempts to strengthen border security along the U.S.-Mexico border and enforce all applicable immigration laws.


At the state level, Democratic governors and mayors have increased their opposition to the so-called “sanctuary” laws which require police to cooperate with federal immigration officials and even go so far as to provide free health care to illegal immigrants in California.

Still, Democratic leaders in Washington have refused to work with President Donald Trump and Republicans in the same way they worked with Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama to implement sweeping border security measures earlier in the decade 2000.


A Democrat, Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), of Palestinian descent, now publicly proposes that her party pursue an “open borders” policy that decriminalizes illegal border crossings. The President has done nothing to stop him from pressing ahead with people’s demands for border security and immigration enforcement, as evidenced by the government’s announcement this week that internal operations to locate and deport foreigners ordered by a court from the country have been suspended, will begin at some point

TRENDS: FMR CHIEF OF STAFF MARK MEADOWS FILES ACTION AGAINST NANCY PELOSI TO To that end, several Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who is third in line to the President, offered “Advice” Thursday for illegal immigrants targeted by the operations on how to avoid being arrested by ICE agents.


According to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “An Immigration and Customs Enforcement deportation order is not the same as a search warrant. ICE officers are not authorized to enter a home if that is the only documentation they provide for a home search”, the statement said.

People can refuse to answer the door and allow ICE officers into their home unless they have a court-approved warrant,” Pelosi said. The President then spoke about her Know Your Rights campaign for illegal immigrants, which she ran behind closed doors.

Accordingly, just for the record, the Speaker of the House of Representatives directs those who are illegally in the nation and have been expelled from the country by a valid federal court acting in accordance with applicable law on how they may continue to violate our laws: while escaping deportation.


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