Bill Gate is Under Investigation
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NEW! Bill Gate is Under Investigation by DOJ

Bill Gates is buying farms like the Chinese government. How can our government allow a hostile communist country to own land in a national security industry? Who buys our farms? I don’t trust Bill Gates or the Chinese Communist Party.


A Gates-affiliated company has acquired 2,100 acres of potato farms in North Dakota, angering locals. Officials are investigating the acquisition of the trust. Attorney General Drew Wrigley expressed his belief that corporations and limited liability companies are “prohibited from owning or leasing any farm or ranch land in North Dakota” and “from engaging in agriculture or animal husbandry. said the letter.

“Our office needs to verify how your company uses this land and whether it complies with any legal exclusions, such as B. The business purpose exception so that we can dismiss this case and add it to our inactive files. According to Adweek, Red River Trust is the company associated with Gates.


Campbell Farms, a potato farm in Canada, sold the property to the Red River Trust. North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring told KFYR that the public had been unfavorable. “I’ve heard that across the state. Goehring said he wasn’t from the area. “They are disappointed, others angry.

Forbes declared in 2021 that Gates is America’s most prominent farmer. Bill Gates, the fourth richest person in the world and a self-proclaimed geek famous for his computer talents, has secretly bought 242,000 acres of farmland in the US, making him the most prominent private farm owner in America.


According to Forbes, The Land Report points out that Gates, who has a net worth of $121 billion, owns farmland in 18 states. His largest holdings are in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Nebraska (20,588 acres). He also owns 25,750 acres of transitional land on the western side of Phoenix built in suburban land. Breitbart News reported on Gates’ land acquisition.

Gates owns land in Arizona (25,750 acres), Illinois (17,940), Mississippi (16,963), Washington (16,097), Florida (14,828), Idaho (9,233), Indiana (9,136), Ohio (8,915), California (4,509), Colorado (2,270), Michigan (2,167), Wisconsin (1,188), Wyoming (975), North Carolina (874), Iowa (552) and New Mexico (1). Two hundred and forty-two thousand acres of Gates Farmland.


In North Dakota, a corporation operating farms or ranches may have no more than 15 related shareholders, including a parent, son, daughter, stepson or stepdaughter, grandparent, grandson, brother, sister, uncle, an aunt, nephew, niece, great-grandparent, great-grandchild, or first or second I can’t prove anything but it appears that Gates used the escrow company to acquire the property as it exudes horrible feelings.

His interest in the vaccine industry is odd considering he founded Microsoft and participated in the Event 201 war games organized by Bill and Melinda Gates and the authoritarian and fascist World Economic Forum led by Klaus Schwab (You will not own anything, but you will be happy… or else) where a simulated COVID outbreak was used to test how effective the response would be just weeks before China COVID-19 emerged in the world.


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  1. I believe COVID was man-made and spread on purpose. They don’t want us to grow our own healthy good. We might live longer. Bill Gates has said he wants to reduce the world population, and intends to grow our food for us – food that is contaminated and filled with poisonous elements.
    This ,am doesn’t deserve the luxury of imprisonment. He needs to be executed for mass murder like any other killer would.

  2. Nationalize all of bill gates assets, arrest bill gates, then give him a two minute trial and hang him

    1. Gates and fauci’s wealth should be stripped from them, in which their money should go into society to be distributed and used to help the country get back on its feet and heal from the destruction pyscho gates and fauci-stein has intentionally caused. Then throw them in prison to serve as guinny pigs for any experimentation that needs to be done and approved to be used on humanity. After those two, finish up with the damn elites, oligarchs and people in power who’s hands have been stuck in the cookie jar. GET EM ALL!!!!!

  3. I’m tired of hearing about all the corruption. We all know that all of these ppl. Are Corrupt. We need to do something about it or move on. This is unhealthy for all of us. Hang these ppl for treason & crimes against humanity and be done with it so we as a nation can move on with our lives. Ppl Are suffering and dying every day because of this Incompetent unelected NWO. The ppl of this country do not need nor won’t your help. We are a free nation and will stay that way till the end of time it’s self.

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